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YouTube Short Video Marketing Strategy


Traditional TV viewing for is dead. Not dying. Office girls use mobile phones to watch Korean TV episodes, while youngsters are also accustomed to viewing the videos on mobile devices with apps such as YouTube. The online video world has become a major trend. Major brands have also struggled with online platforms. Establish a brand image, grab a piece of the new generation marketing strategy with Swantix!


Compared to traditional TV ads, YouTube video promotion not only considers the advertising budget but the advertising strategy plays a major role. However, in the online world, all advertising strategies are based on target customers. According to your brand positioning, a tailor-made delivery strategy is developed by Swantix so that each advertisement will reach your next customer!

Make Your Brand’s Story Go Viral

TV commercials are static. The viewers rarely spread the product message to relatives and friends, the advertising propaganda is usually for a single item, and it’s hard to go viral. Conversely, a good YouTube video will have 86% of the audience free to share with their friends and relatives and could easily reach 100%. A 100% publicity effect! WOW! Would you like to know more network advertising ploys? Contact the Swantix team experts right now!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Swantix promises that we will never charge if the audience does not watch the entire video or at least 30-second of advertisement. We ensure the full dissemination of customer information and to make better use of the advertising budget so that customers can spread advertising messages to more of our target audience!

KOL Influencer Marketing

In recent years, the marketing community has been exploding with the ‘Key Opinion Leader’. The well-known KOLs advertise different messages on different platforms. These KOL opinions are highly indicative of viewers who are accustomed to subscribing to specific KOL YouTube videos or movies. Each well-known KOL numbers fans at tens of thousands of people, of which there are hundreds of thousands of popular KOLs. With Swantix’s help, this astonishing number of fans will speed you well on your way to hitting the limelight!

Google Partners

The Google Partners is Google’s program for advertising agencies, digital marketing professionals, and other online consultants. To become a Qualified Partner, agents must qualify for AdWords and be accredited by Google-verified accounts to ensure that agents have the expertise.


Swantix has been awarded the Google Partner Badge since 2015, and clients are encouraged to visit the Google website and check our results.

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