Spread your brand’s story on more than 5 million popular websites and mobile apps in Google Display Network reaching Internet users in Hong Kong and in over 100 countries around the world. Directing your target audience to a specific web page theme or browsing interests.

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Target your potential customers search on both Google and Yahoo search engines using keywords, their ads will show on the search results pages. Ads are totally free, paying only when the user clicks on the ad, helping you to achieve the most cost-effective results.

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With Swantix’s very own search engine optimisation strategies, we drive your site to higher organic search ranking. Optimise your site popularity based on selected keywords for improving website traffic, which results in higher ROI and increased online-to-offline sales.

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Offer a comprehensive social media campaign in multi-platform including Facebook and Instagram for management and analysis, from planning to production, to increase your brand awareness and your chances of interacting with customers, driving traffic and business to your site.

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As you work to grow your business online, one of the first elements you’ll need is a high-quality website. We offer one-stop service to provide the most complete and updated support, start from the domain name registration to the website design, conversion tracking, online payment gateway setup. Every detail is tailor-made for you!

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Ready to go viral on the world’s largest video site? We spread your brand message to your target audience via most popular video over the world.  You do not even require to pay for incomplete view until viewers watch your entire advisement and your ad will be shown to a segment of the audience who are interested in your business.

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Ad agency by day. Invention lab by night.

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Instant Effect

Different from the traditional media, promotions from production to advertisement has removed the traditionally complicated process, saving production time and maintaining your advertising contents to meet the trends of the online world.

One-Stop Service

Swantix provides a one-stop online promotion service. From web design, SEM search engine promotion, Facebook page management, and an incisive and comprehensive analysis of all effects, Swantix helps you to access an internet source easily!

No Hidden Charges

Swantix pledges not to overcharge you for advertising expenditures. We offer a clear, reasonable price to you, one plan, one price. Get rid of unnecessary expenses now!

Detailed Analysis

Swantix believes analytics is the key to unlocking sales success. Swantix provides real-time dashboard and daily/weekly/monthly reports for all its services so that you will receive a clear picture of the effectiveness of the promotion. Not good with numbers? No worries! Our specialist is here to help you to understand the deep-seated jargon and share our insight to improve your ad performance.

After-Sales Service

With the ever-changing online world, advertising tools are constantly updated. In addition to providing reliable and efficient service, Swantix is your e-commerce consultant who regularly provides you with up-to-date online marketing information, market trends, and analysis of individual industry trends.

Advanced Advertising Management System

Wisebox 2.0, an advertising real-time bidding system developed by the team of Swantix engineers, intelligently adjusts target bids to make the most of online advertising. It helps customers reduce their advertising budget while maximising their advertising effectiveness.

Conntecting YOU & YOURS.

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