Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing


Search Engine Marketing is not a trendy product. It’s the most popular digital marketing method since the new millennium and it has continually become even more and more popular in recent years. Reason? Just because SEM is an effective, efficient, and the most direct way to find your potential customers online.


Regardless of its age, SEM is still the most dominant marketing tools in the digital world. Google & Yahoo keep rolling out new update and new feature every single day, so you’re likely to have been thrown by your competitors if you’re still using a one-year advertising strategy. Swantix never adheres to conventions but is always abreast of market dynamics to enhance your marketing strategy.

Former Google Strategist

Our SEM optimisation program is led by our Lead Consultant Mr. Lucan Lee. During his service at Google Hong Kong as Account Strategist, he provided SEM strategy and optimisation to leading Hong Kong and international companies including multinational banks, international chain hotels, theme parks, airlines, local cosmetic retailers, and more.

Tailor-made Advertising Goals

Not understanding your monthly report from your SEM agency? Difficult to determine your account performance? Swantix’s very unique “Aladdin Rules” to save you from jargon. We create different KPI goal based on your real needs, which help us to foster bustiness growth.

24/7 Ad Auction System

Olden SEM agencies usually adopt a fixed-bid strategy for all bucket. It’s time-saving but may cause you to lose business opportunities in vain. Swantix’s self-developed Wisebox system can fully analyse individual account bidding trends and adjust the bids in real time, effectively reducing advertising expenses by 27%, to help you win the flexibility campaign.

Google Partners

The Google Partners is Google’s program for advertising agencies, digital marketing professionals, and other online consultants. To become a Qualified Partner, agents must qualify for AdWords and be accredited by Google-verified accounts to ensure that agents have the expertise.


Swantix has been awarded the Google Partner Badge since 2015, and clients are encouraged to visit the Google website and check our results.

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