Responsive Website Design

Responsive Website Design


Website is an essential element of a company in modern business world. It’s somehow a basic requirement nowadays, almost as important as a personal business card that is exchanged with each contact.  For potential customers who reach your company through the online world, their visit to your website depends heavily on their first impression, like the first impression of your company’s proprietary business card.


A well-designed website is absolutely the first step to creating a successful brand. It provides you with 24/7 opportunities to win business!

One Design for ALL Screen Sizes

Mobile devices have surpassed the Internet population of traditional desktop PCs but there are still many, many outdated web pages that do not support mobile devices. Users can only browse the desktop version web page on their mobile phones, which is not user-friendly and profit generating at all.


Swantix utilises a fully responsive design to write web pages that support all connected devices, including mobile devices, laptops, and desktop computers, which provide users with the best experience ever, so you can make the best of the Swantix world marketing strategy.

Agile Workflow: Quick Development

Swantix always puts the customer first and also appreciates that customers may not fully understand the details of the construction site, as Swantix will often make different changes on the way to completing the construction site. The traditional waterfall approach requires the customer to decide all the design issues before starting to build the website. Oftentimes, the final product does not meet the customer requirements.


In view of this, Swantix uses an agile workflow to avoid the old-fashioned restrictions and bring three major benefits:

  • Communication: We prepare websites demo based on your needs before hands-on, which makes it easy for customers to grasp the key elements of the design and also enables customers to make changes easily
  • Time-saving: Clients no longer need to spend additional time planning for the system requirements of the site – that is all our duties
  • Goal-oriented: Streamlined procedures, we could reduce website development time to 14 days

Easy to Edit

Swantix integrate CMS (Content Management System) to all our website design. Customers can easily update the webpage; even if they don’t know how to write web pages. It’s as simple as using Facebook!

Native SEO Optimisation

The Swantix team are all professionals, so in addition to the excellent design and appearance of the site, we also put a substantial emphasis on the content of the site. Combined with the technical advantages of SEO, Swantix customers’ websites rank higher in major search engines such as Google / Yahoo / Baidu making it easier to attract potential customers. An early win from the get-go!

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