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Facebook Marketing for Your Brand


Facebook continues to dominate the social network scene in Hong Kong. The popularity of newer social networks like Instagram is increasing rapidly, but users tend to adopt those platforms in addition to Facebook, rather than as replacements, as explored in the latest survey, the number of monthly active users in Hong Kong Facebook is 4.3 million.


Facebook is one of the best online promotion platform for local business, as they provided a very user-friendly advertising platform, which is relatively easy to use when compared to Google or Yahoo.  However, although the Facebook Ad Manger seems easy to use, the algorithm behind could be more complex than you expect.


Many of local merchant wasted a lot of budget on Facebook for unwanted fake likes from Southeast Asian, growth of fans number but not real conversion, or even worse, no engagement at all.


If you are familiar with the above situation, you need a professional social media strategy team from Swantix, we are waiting for an immediate inquiry!

Creative Winning Feeds

It is easy to publish a post on Facebook, but how to attract Internet users, establish a brand image, and bring profit to your business?


The Swantix social media team is distinctly familiar with the online world culture and got valuable experience in planning, diagramming, and controlling posting timing to help you avoid unnecessary ’public relation disaster’.

Grow Your E-commerce Sales Using Facebook

In the Web 2.0 generation, a fan page is far more than a digitalise leaflet which customers learn what your company is, and it is also the best communication channel to interact with customers, so the information listed on the fan page could be crucial.


From the page layout to the image design, the Swantix social media team will take excellent care for your Facebook brand page. Let’s start your e-Commerce journey with Swantix right now!

Say No to Fake Likes

Facebook provided a number of ridiculously powerful ad targeting strategies, the Swantix social team could reach your potential customers easily. We could identify which group of potential customers who are interested in your particular product or spread your unique selling point among desired consumer groups with tailor-made message!


If you are a company that pursues continuous business conversions, Sales Funnel Approach would be great to you. All you need is a systematic analysis of a mass audience, potential customers, and actual leads. From top to bottom, Facebook promotion with Swantix is more competitive and quickly finds the real potential customers!

Comprehensive Analysis

Our Swedish strategic partner Qwaya, provides us the leading-edge technology and offers advanced function to make up for the lack of the functionality of Facebook’s native ad platform.  Qwaya knows how to building complex A/B tests with ease, which allows us to tailor A / B testing for your campaigns to help you connect to the right audience, optimise your copy, and directly increase your business!


In addition, the Swantix team also use intelligent rules to automatically optimise your promotion and to intergrate Google Analytics into Facebook promotion activities to provide a detailed calculation of the effectiveness of marketing at a glance!

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