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With a well-designed banner advertising program combined with Swantix’s unique programmatic technology, you can achieve the ultimate results within a limited budget, so that your products and services are featured in international news sites, popular forums, trendy magazines, professional topics, and even the most popular mobile phone games. 24/7 non-stop appeal, your banners will become a popular, instantaneous outbreak!

International Partners

Customers often worry about the complexity of the online population. They worry that brand messages will appear on websites that are not suitable for their brand image. Swantix understands this concern (We’re advertisers too). We will ensure your ads only appear on the most popular and highest quality websites including CNN, BBC, Apple Daily, Oriental Daily News, etc., and will not waste a single cent on your unwanted spam site.

Big Data Retargeting

One of Swantix’s hero products, retargeting, the most accurate and most straightforward way to target your advertising audiences. In Swantix, we use an Advanced Targeting Technique instead of looking for past browsing history, as do other self-proclaimed professional agencies. Instead, we use the big data hidden behind the customer’s website to directly bring forward your next customer and stop using blindly expired data.

Real-Time Buying with Flexible Bidding

Still using the old-fashioned fixed price way for website ads? The traditional method of selling on websites by SoV (Share Of Voice) or day by day is not guaranteed due to low-cost performance and the difficulty of helping business growth. This seems as if the last two decades of online advertising is outdated because in recent years the mainstream of the online world has emphasized real-time buying, that is, each site’s ads are used as an auction, are quite flexible, and  no charges of invalid clicks, so that every cent you spend is worth the value!

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Accurate Ad Targeting

Average digital agency’s banner strategy focus only on the number of impressions, but Swantix focus on the conversion – how many dollars of revenue we have brought to you.


The Swantix advertising strategy considers the audience’s age, gender, and even internet habits, and then develops advertising goals; the fastest of which helps clients to find the target customers, but also goals that offer a more intelligent use of the client’s advertising budget, the real purpose of publicity.

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